Venus Glass as one of The Top Companies Manufacturing and Processing Automotive and Architectural Glass in the Middle East.

Company Vision and Purposes

Venus Glass Co. is an award winning Iranian manufacturing company that specializes in designing and production of the most advanced architectural and automotive glass. Driven by world-class technology and passion for quality, Venus Glass supports construction and automotive industries in Iran.
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Control of Light and Ultraviolet Radiation

Venus glass, in addition to controlling the thermal radiation of the sun, are also effective in reducing the entry of harmful UV light into the building.

Reducing Energy Consumption

In buildings with Venus glass, using the least amount of energy, a balanced temperature is achieved in all parts of the building, and temperature heterogeneity is not perceptible for the residents.

Being Eco-friendly

Through reducing the level of energy consumption and protecting the environment, the use of Venus glass is a low-cost (even profitable) and effective way to protect the nature and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of quality, Venus glass has the Iranian national standard certification in producing the architectural and automotive glass. Venus Glass is the only glass manufacturer in Iran, which has received the quality certificate for the production of the tempered, laminated and all kinds of double-glazed glass from AGC Glass Europe (Belgium). Also, Venus glass is the only Iranian glass company approved by the Guardian Industries (the US) to use the SunGuard family of high-performance glass. The anti-shock and anti-bullet glass of the Venus Glass Co. are evaluated and approved by Beschussamt Ulm, Germany. The automotive products related to the Peugeot cars in the Venus Glass have received the official quality approval from Peugeot France. Venus Glass has voluntarily followed the ASTM standards in order to achieve the highest quality in its products and guarantees all its structural products for 5 years. More

The production lines of the architectural glass in Venus Glass Co. include:

The Securit line made in Finland; the horizontal furnace of this line is capable of securitizing all kinds of glass, in particular low-E and high performance glass, with superior quality and minimal distortion. The maximum manufacturing dimension is 2400*4800 mm with the thickness of 4-19 mm.

The automatic cutting line with the capability of removing all kinds of glass covers at the edges when cutting.

Venus Glass: Improving Energy Performance

Venus Glass is committed to improving energy performance for the optimal use of irreversible energies; commitment to preventing pollution, and environmental protection and preservation are also among the main goals of this company.

What We Do

Promotion of the Use of Glass in a Variety of Fields Using the Highest Level of Knowledge and Expertise in the Production and Delivery of Engineering Services

Design and Consultation

Design and Consultation

Providing consulting services to customers to introduce products with regard to their relative advantages, such as the reasonable price, quick installation, efficiency, etc.

Technical Support

Technical Support

The technical department of Venus Glass, with the professional and experienced technicians, is always trying to provide better and high-quality services to the customers.

Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting

Venus Glass uses the precise and powerful devices to deliver cutting services to the customers considering their desired dimensions.


PDF Catalogues

The latest product catalog of this company is available for download as PDF in this section. These catalogs provide comprehensive information on all products with their technical information. If you need free advice, you can get answers to your questions about the product details by contacting our advisers. Our advisers will guide you in choosing the product that best suits your needs.


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Venus Glass Supports Performing Cultural Activities and Holding Professional Conferences on Safety glass in Iran.

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