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Venus glass Timeline History from 2004 tile 2016


Installation of architectural glass cutting and glazing lines and commencement of pilot plant scale production in collaboration with LiSEC Austrian company.

01 Feb 2004

01 Feb 2005

• Installation of the architectural glass tempering line using TamGlass Ltd. tempering furnace, enabled Venus Glass to introduce High Performance double glazed glass products to Iran’s market for the first time.
• Supplying the façade glass of Saderat Bank Iran, Saari Branch, and double skin façade of NOOR Eye Hospital, Tehran, were the first outstanding projects of Venus Glass
• Installation of the architectural laminating line in collaboration with TamGlass Ltd. – Finland, Bystronic Armatec GmbH – Switzerland, and AG Engineering – Italy.
• Installation of the Press Bending Furnace technology made the production of complex bend glass possible for the first time in Iran.
• Certified to ISO/TS-16949 standard for production of all automotive glass types
• Achieving the CE Marking quality certificate for automotive laminated glass
• Become self-sufficient in manufacturing of Peugeot 206 windshield and delivering the first part of this product to the Iran Khodro corporation (IKCO)
• Obtained ISO 9000:2000 standard certification for the production of architectural glass

• Installation of the fully automatic architectural laminating line in collaboration with Bystronic Armatec GmbH – Switzerland
• Supplying V-Cool glass for Mahestan Tower in Tehran

01 Feb 2006

01 Feb 2007

• Manufacturing and supplying glasses for Milad Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in Iran and the world’s 6th tallest telecommunication tower. On the body of the tower our V-Cool glass, is used. In addition, spandrel glass products of Venus Glass are used in Milad Tower’s roof.
• Our bullet proof glass was certified by Beschussamt Ulm institute, the most accredited institute in evaluating fire proof, theft proof and bullet proof products in Germany.
• Providing Netherland Embassy in Tehran with safety glass was the first time that Venus Glass started its activity as a supplier of bullet proof and burglar proof products under V-Guard and V-Guard+ brand names.
• Introducing V-systems department of Venus Glass to supply glass handrails and installation of advanced glass and metal structures

• Providing V-Cool glass for Mellat Cinema Complex façade, Tehran
• Providing glass stairs and handrails as well as a spider structure for Tehran's Eyvan Shams Hall
• Achieving quality certificate for processing of Sunergy, Stopsol and Planibel glasses by AGC Glass group

.01 Feb 2009

.01 Feb 2010

• Guardian Industries glass company (United States) certified Venus Glass as the only Iranian company to process SunGuard High Performance glass
• Supplying the façade, internal handrails and some parts of decoration of great Holy Defense Museum in Tehran. In this project, Venus Glass succeeded to develop the longest anti-reflex glass wall in collaboration with Schott AG Manufacturing Company, Germany.
• Introduction of V-Art brand of Venus Glass including all types of colored, patterned and photo-laminated glasses
• Manufacturing the glass of Janbazan Sport Complex in Tehran and providing more than 2 km glass handrail in that project

• Installation of the first continues tempering bent automotive glass furnace in Iran
• Production of the first part of Peugeot 206 back window glass and making Iran self-sufficient regarding this product
• Supplying decorative glass/metal systems for handrails, vitrines and other glass structures of the most luxurious commercial complexes in Iran, Sam Center and Modern Elahieh shopping centers in Tehran.
• Supplying glass for Tehran Book Garden and Ghoo Middle East Diamond projects using the latest V-Cool products. Broad glass surfaces considered in design of the mentioned projects made it necessary to use glass with high safety and high energy control levels.

.01 Feb 2011

.01 Feb 2013

• Engineering design and production of adjustable and modular systems of VSC-03 vitrines that provided a valuable opportunity of accurate installation and reduced maintenance costs which was performed for the first time in Charsoo Cultural and Commercial complex in Tehran.

• Localizing the production technology of press molds for automotive laminated glass in order to improve speed and flexibility of production.
• Completion of architectural glass manufacturing extension plan’s first phase by inclusion of Jumbo size glass cutting and double glazing lines (up to 6 square meters)

.01 Feb 2014

.08 Feb 2015

• Localizing the production technology of press molds for automotive back window tempered glass and significantly improving the machinery based on the company’s technical knowledge resulting in an increase in capacity and quality of the products.
• Collaboration with DreamGlass Company – Spain, and manufacturing the V-Smart glass with the highest possible level of quality in Iran. Venus Glass is the first Iranian manufacturer capable of cutting and processing smart switchable laminating films.
• Completion of architectural glass capacity expansion plan after installation of the most advanced furnace and laminating lines in Iran capable of processing glass sheets up to an area of 15 square meters.

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