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Venus Glass Co. is an award winning Iranian manufacturing company that specializes in designing and production of the most advanced architectural and automotive glass. Driven by world-class technology and passion for quality, Venus Glass supports construction and automotive industries in Iran.

Venus Glass Co. was founded in 2004 in Shamsabad industrial zone, Tehran-Iran. Its advanced machinery and knowledgeable team of specialists helped the company to quickly become recognized between OEMs, fabricators, architects and developers in Iran. In less than 10 years Venus Glass grew to become recognized as the top architectural and automotive glass manufacturer in the country, when its achievements were officially recognized in 2015 by the Ministry of Industry of Iran, and the company was awarded as one of the most outstanding manufacturing companies of Iran.

Our company is a pioneer in supplying automotive and architectural glass. In automotive glass sector Venus Glass Co. has taken significant steps in order to localize the demand of the new automotive industry, such as being the main supplier of Peugeot 206 glazing in Iran as well as being one of the most outstanding suppliers of Iran Khodro Corporation. In its architectural glass sector, this company supplies High Performance, Energy Saving, Acoustic Glass, as well as safety and security glass. In both sectors the company has started exporting commodities to other adjacent countries.

In addition to providing the commodity, we support innovation and creativity in Iran. Venus Glass provides architects and interior decorators, in addition to colored and patterned, with various glass to metal connecting systems and have supported the local talent by sponsoring events and establishing and applying global standards in Iran.

Innovations and efforts of Venus Glass operation team, besides its obligation to quality of products and costumer orientation policy, put this company on the map among its clients in Iran’s market and resulted in being approved by evaluating organizations.

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