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Automotive Glass

Automotive Glass

The main requirement of an automotive glass is providing an absolutely clear vision. Although clearness is the initial property of a glass, but maintaining this functionality during bending and tempering processes requires an advanced technology. The general trend of automobile industry is to increase area of glass and making its curvature and shape as uniform as possible. Bending an automotive glass with its complicated aerodynamic curvature is one of the most significant challenges for designers.

In addition to clearness of an automotive glass, safety is also a determining factor in production process, since injury risk in accident conditions must be minimized. As another factor, solar UV radiation is prevented to transmit through the glass. Among all Iranian automotive glass producers, Venus Glass benefits the most advanced European machinery.

Automotive laminated glass

In automotive industry, laminated glass is commonly used as windshield. The laminated glass is composed of two layers of glass laminated using a transparent PVB interlayer. In case the glass is broken, sharp pieces will not separate since glass layers are bonded to the interlayer. Also objects that may hit the glass cannot pass through it.

Production process

According reference standards, windshield must be composed of two glass layers laminated to each other. Glass is cut using accurate CNC machines and grinded carefully. Subsequently marginal pattern will be printed on one of the glass layers. Each printed glass is coupled with a non-printed one and enter bend furnace, where the paint ink is fused and the glass is bent. Bent glass layers will be laminated using a PVB interlayer.

Venus Glass technology

Bending is the most complex step of automotive windshield production. Among Iranian automobiles, Peugeot 206 has the most complicated windshield curvature. Venus Glass is the second company in the world benefiting TamGlass press furnace technology enabling it to provide IKCO with all Peugeot 206 glass pieces. In press bending technology, a glass which is heated up to near melting point is pressed using an accurately designed ceramic mold shaping the glass without affecting its surface.

Advantages of Venus Glass manufactured automotive laminated glass

1. The maximum clearness: the interlayer of a laminated glass is Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) resin which is clear and resistant against climate effects and UV radiation so that the laminated products of Venus Glass are as clear as the single layer glasses with the same thickness.
2. Impermeability: the interlayer of a laminated glass has high tensile strength and will not easily fail in case the glass is cracked or broken. That’s why the laminated glasses are proper alternative resisting objects which may be thrown in driving condition.
3. Structural strength: if broken, the particles of Venus glass laminated products will not separate and the glass stands in its place. Some parts of glass that are still safe provide driver’s view.
4. UV filtration: less than 1% of solar UV radiation transmits PVB interlayer. This functionality protects passengers and interior cars’ equipment against solar UV.

Automotive tempered glasses

Glass tempering process includes heating it up to 650°C and quenching it immediately. The automotive glass is bent while heated. Tempered glass breaks in form of small chunks and are mostly used in automobile side and back windows.

Venus Glass technology

Venus Glass is the exclusive producer of tempered glass via “Continuous Press Bending” technology in which glass is placed on a conveyer, heated and quenched continuously. At the final stage, glass passes through very accurate rolls to be shaped.

Advantages of Venus Glass automotive tempered glass

    1. Minimum ream defects
    2. 5 times higher strength compered to annealed glass
    3. Safety
    4. Printed Glass Antenna
    5. Solar control

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