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Using glass for façades and internal decoration purposes has been widely attended by designers in last decades. Outstanding appearance, low weight, variety, simple installation and possibility of creating especial and innovative designs significantly increased demand for decorative glass. Considering potential market of decorative glass, Venus Glass started to process this group of products under V-Art trademark.

V-Art family is a collection of decorative glass designed with various patterns and colors and manufactured with different techniques. Depending on their type, color and pattern, V-Art glass products can be used in different parts of a building. The most important types of V-Art include:

• Georgian bar glass
• Spandrel glass
• Matelux glass
• Painted glass (Lacobel and Matelac)
• Sandblasted glass
• Colored laminated glass
• Photo laminated glass
There is an especial type of double glazed glass which includes Aluminum profiles in the gap between two glass panes. This type of glass is used in different windows, entrance doors and kitchen cabinets.
Broken pattern glass

High mechanical strength of this glass is in a pleasing contrast with its broken pattern.
Its safety level is so liable that it can be used as glass stairs or floors.
Broken pattern glass can also be used in internal decorations
Broken pattern glass
Printed or spandrel glasses

Spandrel glass is manufactured via ceramic ink printing with variety of colors. The ceramic ink is not transparent. Spandrel glass is provided and used as single glazed, double glazed and laminated products.

After carefully degreasing the glass surface, ceramic color is applied on it with a homogeneous thickness via silk screen printing method. The color is dried using focused IR radiation. Heat treatment of the glass up to 620°C results in the ceramic color to be fused and strongly bonded to the glass. The color is now stabilized and is resistant against scratching, spelling and chemicals.

As an opaque panel, spandrel glass is commonly used in façades in order to cover construction elements in non-vision areas such as hung ceilings. In addition, spandrel glass is used in shops’ vitrine, internal decoration and walls coverage. It is strongly recommended to provide a mock-up sample to compare its color to the other parts of façade

Printed or Spandrel Glasses
Matt of Matelux glasses
Matelux refers to float glasses produced by AGC Company, Belgium and processed by Venus Glass which are acid-etched in one side. This process creates an opaque glass that can be used in floors, walls, partitioning or handrails. Matelux has more steady clearness compared to sandblasted glass and is easier to clean.
Matt of Matelux glasses
Lacobel and Matelac painted glass
Lacobel and Matelac painted glass

Lacobel and Matelac painted glass produced by AGC Company, Belgium are processed by Venus Glass according to customers’ requirements.
Lacobel glass is produces in 25 standard colors all of which can be supplied by Venus Glass. Shine and transparency of Lacobel glass made this product an interesting alternative for interior decoration.

Matelac glass is produced via application a colored coating on an acid-etched glass and available in 12 standard colors. Combination of states of being painted and matted makes these products an especial alternative for coverage of walls, cabinets, shelves and other decorative purposes. Venus Glass is the only supplier of Matelac and Lacobel glass products capable of installing those using approved adhesives

Sandblasted glasses
Sandblasted glasses

Sandblasted glass is produced by removal a surface layer via spraying sand particles making the glass opaque. In Venus Glass, sandblasting is performed using full-automatic European machinery providing capabilities such as:

• Smooth and steady sandblasting without reducing mechanical strength of the glass
• Gradual variation of sandblasting intensity enabling us to produce a glass with gradient of opacity
• Patterned sandblasting including repeated patterns

Colored laminated glasses

Venus Glass produces colored laminated glass using European color PVB interlayers. In addition to advantages of laminated glass, such as earthquake and burglar resistance, prevention against UV radiation and noise reduction, colored laminated glass products are available in an extended range of colors that can be used in façade and interior decoration.

Colored laminated glasses
Photo laminated glasses

Photo laminating includes laminating a glass using an interlayer including a graphic design that may be applied on a textile, a resin or directly on the glass. In laminating via resin interlayer, the graphic design will be printed on interlayer before laminating the glass. In direct printing on glass, printing is done on one of the glass layers and then laminated with the other one.

In all photo laminating techniques, the interlayer resin differs from normal PVB resins. The photo laminated resin interlayer has stronger adhesion with glass and print materials and is humid resistant. The photo laminated glass protects the printed designs so that enabling designers employ colorful printed designs unlimitedly.

Photo laminated glasses

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