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Cultural sport complex for disabled

  • Project
    Cultural sport complex for disabled
  • Architect
    Experimental Branch of Architecture [Metropolitan] | EBA [M]
  • Location
    Parvin Etesamei street, Tehran, Iran
  • Size
    18,000 sqm
  • Date
    2006 - 2011
  • Type of Glass
    V-Cool - V-Temp


More than 3 million disabled of natural disasters, accidents and Iran-Iraq war are living in Iran. They are so vulnerable and forgotten due to the lack of urban facilities and other special services. In 2007, Cultural-Social Administration of Tehran municipality, decided to construct a cultural-sport complex for disabled in each 22 Tehran districts, in order to increase these kinds of facilities. Thus, one physical program was prepared by initiatory consultant and was advised to all districts to have a same program for all of these complexes.

The proposed site was part of a 50×100 land and just 30×100 occupation was possible. The remained area belonged to the municipality which should prepare the access to the northern part of the site. Furthermore, the municipality defined this part as public green space, separated from Cultural-Sport site. An obsolete curriery factory was located in the southern part of the site with 100 year old trees and very appropriate green space.


021-72486 : راهنمایی و مشاوره تلفنی

ساعات کاری

ساعات کاری ونوس شیشه به شرح زیر است و در  صورت نیاز به مشاوره حضوری می توانید جهت هماهنگی با ما تماس بگیرید.
شنبه تا سه شنبه: 17:00-08:00
چهارشنبه ها : 16:00-08:00
پنجشنبه ها: 13:00-08:00

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 تهران ، پاسداران شمالی، نبش نارنجستان چهارم، برج آرتمیس، طبقه 9
کد پستی : 1957917498

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