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Noor-e-Mobin Sports Hall

  • Project
    Noor-e-Mobin Sports Hall
  • Architect
    FEA Studio
  • Location
    Bastam, Semnan, Iran
  • Size
    1400 sqm
  • Date
  • Type of Glass


Noor-e- Mobin sports hall has been designed for the educational complex of Noor-e- Mobin institute that is a NGO(non-governmental organization) . This is a charity institute that has managed to provide the students with a different educational atmosphere based on the latest methods in the world at no charge. This complex has a very happy and intimate educational atmosphere and the students are very persevering, creative, and are being educated skillfully.

The client demanded a sports hall for the educational complex will be built in the future that is not only in accordance with the atmosphere of the Noor-e- Mobin Complex and different from the other ordinary ones, but also cheaper than them approximately with a budget about 400,000 dollars. The site of the project is located in the suburban areas of a town called Bastam ( one of the ancient cities of Iran), about 28 Hectares that is supposed to be turned into the Noor-e- Mobin educational complex.  The continuous movement of clouds from the “CLOUD MOUNTAIN” into plain is one of the most beautiful phenomenon of the site could be seen most of times.


021-72486 : راهنمایی و مشاوره تلفنی

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شنبه تا سه شنبه: 17:00-08:00
چهارشنبه ها : 16:00-08:00
پنجشنبه ها: 13:00-08:00

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 تهران ، پاسداران شمالی، نبش نارنجستان چهارم، برج آرتمیس، طبقه 9
کد پستی : 1957917498

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