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Double Glazed Glass

Introduce Product

Did you know great amount of energy is wasted in your home? In a common building, almost 25% of heat is lost through walls and almost 40% losts through the windows, since glass is intrinsically good heat conductor.
Suitable energy control in winter and summer is a significant issue for designers. So the most considerable function of a double glazed glass is its potential thermal isolation. Mechanism of double glazed glass function is simple. As stated above, a single glazed glass is a good heat conductor resulting in significant heat loss in winters. Similarly heat comes through the window in summers. The gap between two glazes is filled with air or an inert gas which is a poor conductor of heat. By this way, considerable saving in cost of energy will happen making double glazing a favorable approach in modern architecture.
Venus Glass includes various functionalities such as safety, solar control, energy saving and acoustic property in its double glazed glass by using the most proper raw materials.


Energy saving
A window provides us with enough light and brings comfort to our house and acts as a thermal barrier to save energy and helps us prepare desirable air conditioning inside the building. Each square meter of double glazed glass results in saving of 40 cubic meters natural gas per annum.

Light control
Light transmission through the glass can be readily controlled by using coated or laminated glass and prevent UV radiation which causes objects’ color to fade.

Noise control
Another functionality of a double glazed glass is its noise control capability. Noise is considered as one of the common troubles in today’s societies that its effect on physical and mental health problems is obvious.

Less condensations on window
Inside surface temperature of a double glazed glass is a function of inside environment temperature that eliminates water drops condensation on the glass surface.

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