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Introduce Product

V-Cool is the trade name of effective energy controlling products. The idea of an attractive façade with wide glass surfaces transmitting visible radiation is a desirable one for most of people. The main obstacle to this idea is excessive heating and cooling of building causing energy cost and higher load on air conditioning units. V-Cool glass controls the energy loss either via conduction or via radiation and provides an especial façade appearance.

A joint study performed by Venus Glass Co. in collaboration with Sharif University of Technology, evidenced the effectiveness of V-Cool glass in reducing energy loss so that instrumentation cost saving is significantly higher than V-Cool high performance glass cost. In addition, V-Cool prevents UV radiation and provides thermal comfort.

V-Cool glass is manufactured using the high quality Belgian made float glass sheets providing designers with great colors and functionalities.

Effective functionality of V-Cool glass in controlling light and energy is a result of high quality raw materials, state-of-the-art European technology and advanced engineering knowledge of Venus Glass Company. At least one pane of the V-Cool glass is tempered in order to tolerate thermal shocks that are induced due to thermal absorption of the glass. To heighten structural properties of the V-Cool glass, V-Guard and V-Guard+ can be used in its structure or temper its interior pane to enhance safety and seismic resistance.

Special Advantages

  • Normal double glazed glass transmits 76% of solar radiation. But invisible coating of the V-Cool glass transmits visible portion of solar radiation, and reflects its thermal energy. Also in cold seasons the V-Cool glass prevents thermal energy loss via radiation through the window.
  • Action of a glass in controlling transfer of heat is evaluated via 2 factors which are “U-Value” and “Shading Coefficient”. The former indicates heat transfer rate and the latter indicates solar radiation transmittance through the window.
  • U-Value of V-Cool glass stands between 1 and 1.7 (W/m2K) evidencing its 1.5 to 2.5 times more effective heat control capability compared to a normal double glazed glass.
  • V-Cool has a wide range of Shading Coefficient (SC). Those having low SC transmit large portion of solar radiance that increases solar heat gain of the building making the glass proper to be used in cold climate regions. On the other hand, V-Cool glass with higher SC transmitting small portion of solar radiation is suitable for regions with warm climate.  The advantages of V-Cool glass can be listed as following:
    • The most important effect is significant energy cost saving. Venus Glass recommends instrumentation designers to decrease costs of the systems by considering U-Value and SC of V-Cool glass.
    • V-Cool glass controls transmission of harmful UV solar radiation that is responsible of skin diseases and fading the color of home devices and furniture.
    • V-Cool glass provides building occupants with thermal comfort. Near the windows is the coldest place inside a building. The most common solution of this issue is increasing the heating systems load. But in case V-Cool glass is used, moderate temperature is achieved in all areas of building and temperature gradient will not be too sharp.
    • Decreasing consumption of energy reduces environmental impact. Using V-Cool glass is a low cost (and even profitable) approach to protect environment and reduce greenhouse gasses emission. In all EU countries and parties to the Kyoto Protocol, it is legally mandatory to use glasses similar V-Cool functionalities. V-Cool glasses enable us to make our buildings more Green.
    V-Cool glass is available in different colors such as Grey, Silver, Bronze, Green and Blue providing variety degrees of reflection.

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