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V-Guard & V-Guard +

Introduce Product

The brands V-Guard and V-Guard+ are the trade names of Venus Glass security products which are burglar proof, bullet proof and explosion proof. The V-Guard and V-Guard+ products are the only Iranian security glass products certified by international laboratories.

V-Guard glass is an ideal and economic choice for protection against burglar and recommended to be used in residential and commercial buildings. Multiple layers and interlayers used in V-Guard glass provide higher security compared to common glass.

V-Guard+ products answer needs for bullet proof glass in domestic market and are available in variety of functionalities resistant against different bullets types and calibers.

Burglar and bullet proof glass provides security while maintaining the outside view. Excessive thickness of the security glass causes extra production, transit and installation costs and hardship. In addition increasing the thickness or using low quality glass affects the clearness of security glass. Glass type, placement order of various layers and interlayers and manufacturing process of V-Guard and V-Guard+ are designed in a way that security and safety requirements be achieved while the least weight and highest level of clearness are guaranteed.

Both mentioned product families are evaluated in European laboratories regarding their security levels, providing customers with opportunity of choosing proper product based on their required functionalities.

Special Advantages

  • V-Guard and V-Guard+ families are advantageous alternatives for securing the buildings providing wide transparent surfaces with reliable prevention. V-Guard glass is burglar proof and V-Guard+ glass is bullet proof.
  • Due to inclusion of PVB, PU and EVA interlayers, V-Guard and V-Guard+ products have UV protection capability, so that preventing transmission of more than 90% of UV radiation.
  • V-Guard and V-Guard+ families are basically considered as earthquake resistant glass. In case of earthquake, the glass may break, but will stand in its frame and not distribute around.
  • Due to high thickness of V-Guard and V-Guard+ glass and included interlayers, these products are very effective noise barriers having a triple protecting effect compared to a single glazed glass.

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