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Venus Glass is manufacturer of switchable intelligent glass capable of changing from clear (transparent) and opaque (translucent) states. Smart glass is a laminated glass using a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film between two conductive interlayers. The films composition is sandwiched between two glass layers.
The liquid crystals will line up in case of electricity current, changing the glass from opaque to clear state. By disconnecting the electricity, liquid crystals will switch to their normal scattered position, making the glass opaque.


  • Residential buildings windows and interior design
    With almost 98% UV protection and 40% solar reduction, smart glass products are ideal solution to be used in windows and skylight, bathroom, kitchen and room partitions. Intelligent glass also can be controlled by remote or an automation system.
  • Commercial buildings windows and interior design
    An ideal solution in interior designing for offices, hotels, conference rooms and restaurants is switchable glass panels. Smart glass partitions and windows provide privacy when switch on.
  • Automotive
    Smart glass can be used in automobile windows and sun-roof wherever light control is needed.
  • Why Venus Smart glass
    Among the countless creative functionalities of smart glass manufactured by Venus Glass, below functionalities can be mentioned:
    • Privacy and security
    • Up to 98% ultraviolet radiation protection
    • Solar light control
    • Solar heat-gain control
    • To be applied alternatively as projection screen or whiteboard
    • Eliminates need for lower blinds, and curtains

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