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Control of Light and Ultraviolet Radiation

Safety, Quality, Strength

Being Eco-friendly


Company Vision & Purposes of Venusglass


The production lines of the architectural glass in Venus Glass Co. include:
The Securit line made in Finland; the horizontal furnace of this line is capable of securitizing all kinds of glass, in particular low-E and high performance glass, with superior quality and minimal distortion. The maximum manufacturing dimension is 2400*4800 mm with the thickness of 4-19 mm.Read more


Promotion of the Use of Glass
in a Variety of Fields Using the Highest Level of Knowledge and Expertise

طراحی و مشاوره ونوس شیشه
Design and Consultation

Providing consulting services to introduce products with regard to their relative advantages, such as the reasonable price, quick installation,...

پشتیبانی فنی ونوس شیشه
Technical Support

The technical department of Venus Glass, with the professional and experienced technicians, is trying to provide better and high-quality services to customers.

خطوط تولید مدرن ونوس شیشه
Modern production lines

Benefit from the latest glass processing technology in the world and supply products in accordance with international standards


Custom graphism, photography and design can be printed on V-ART to create the specific look you want.
Low E Coating
Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.
Tested & Certified
all Products tested and certified to Grade A safety glass standards


In terms of quality assurance, Venus Glass has gained ISO-9001-2008 and ISO-TS-16949-2009 certification.Venus Glass has a national standard for building glass and automotive glass. Venus Glass is the only manufacturer of glass in Iran, which has received a quality certificate for the manufacture of laminate, laminate and all kinds of double-glazed windows from AGC Belgium.
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Our glass and glazing solutions have been used in many award-winning projects.
Our teams have installed glass safely in the most challenging conditions