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Name: Mofid Brokerage
Location: Haghani crossroad, Africa Blvd,Tehran

Type: Office
Concept Consulting Engineers
Type of Glass:
V-systems,V-cool ,V-Art

The Mofid Brokerage project located in Haghani crossroad, Africa Blvd., Tehran, has been designed and collaborated by Concept Consulting Engineers in 1397.

Decorative glass used in this project is digital print manufactured by Venus Glass Co. ( V-Art brand).

Main specifications of this brand of Venus Glass are as follows :

-Possibility of printing various kinds of design
-Stability the printing area against environmental conditions such as light, humidity, high or low temperature
-Possibility to create texture and depth
-High resolution, wide range of color, possibility to repeat any design
-Possibility to choose degree of color concenteration ( manage light transmission)
-Improve glass safetiness
-Possibility to implement a variety of nature – inspired designs such as stone, marble, granite and wood which prevents damage to natural resources and save a lot of money
-Possibility to print on both sides of the glass