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Our Certificates

In terms of quality assurance, Venus Glass has gained ISO-9001-2008 and ISO-TS-16949-2009 certification.Venus Glass has a national standard for building glass and automotive glass. Venus Glass is the only manufacturer of glass in Iran, which has received a quality certificate for the manufacture of laminate, laminate and all kinds of double-glazed windows from AGC Belgium. Venus Glass is the only Iranian company approved by the Guardian Company to use the SunGuard family of high-performance glasses. Anti-shock glass and anti-bullet Venus Glass are evaluated and approved by Beschussamt Ulm, Germany. The Venezuelan motor car related products with the Peugeot automakers have reached a formal quality approval from Peugeot France in terms of quality.Venus Glass has voluntarily followed the ASTM standards to achieve the highest quality and guarantees all its construction products for 5 years.