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Glass and Metal Structures (V-Systems) at a Glance

Today, the use of glass as a modern, transparent, beautiful, and safe element is no longer limited to the facades of buildings and windows, and architects tend to use it in interior architecture and interior spaces of buildings. Glass and metal structures are formed by the vicinity of various glass with the metal elements and fittings, and they are implemented in various forms such as the glass railings and shelters, glass showcases, glass walls, glass wall frames, spider facades and glass panes, glass floors and ceilings, and glass stairs.

Since 2005, Venus Glass Company has established the glass and metal unit (V-Systems) and has sought to understand this important need in the domestic architectural industry so as to comply with the upcoming demands. This company has tried to meet a complete chain of market needs in this area through providing consulting services in engineering and design, supply and installation of various glass and metal systems.

In our path to success, we have succeeded in benefiting from the services of a number of the best and most renowned brands in the engineering services and European metal parts manufacturers; we have been able to excel in this market through forming a team of the best specialists in this industry and utilizing the technology of glass processing by the staff collection.

Our European colleagues and partners include:
– Q-Railing Central Europe GmbH (Germany)

Q-railing is the main partner of the Venus Glass Company in providing glass railings, advanced design, unrivaled quality, fast assembly, and excellent safety. Using a unique knowledge, creative solutions and engineering support, and a very high standard in parts manufacturing, Q-railing has provided many different systems to meet the needs of various projects. Q-railing systems are famous for their flexibility. Using modular design, you can combine the constructing elements through creating unique blocks; in this way, we can bring our perspective to life.

– Colcom Group Including the Colcom-Minusco-Sadev (Italy and France)

Colcom Group, leader in the field of systems and accessories for tempered glass, provides a wealth of engineering knowledge and the required parts of the glass partition systems, hinges and locks for glass doors, wall cladding systems, glass shower cabins, fixed points, sliding doors, glass stairs, and glass protectors and separators. Sadev also provides various services including the engineering, design and computing, supply and fabrication of parts, and accompaniment and supervision in spider and glass fin facades for Venus Glass.

The Colcom-Minusco-Sadev group is a major and leading player in the glass hardware industry. This group, with the leadership of Sadev, is the designer and supplier of part of the most sophisticated requirements for the glass facades and structures in the world. High quality, stunning beauty, and reliable technical support have been the main strategies of this group in the market. To ensure full safety, most of the products of this group are provided under the technical advice and reports submitted by CSTB or CEBTP.

– G-FITTINGS GmbH (Germany)

G-Fittings is the supplier of a large group of metal fittings and parts required for the special glass works and even non-glass products. G-Fittings is a professional specialist in the installation of a glass library, special glass walls, interior collections of stores, and creative uses of glass in the kitchen and toilets.

With the cooperation of these international partners, Venus Glass has built its service portfolio based on the following products:

Glass Railings and Shelters

One of the manifestations of the expansion of glass application in the modern architecture is the all-glass railings and shelters which have been increasingly considered by the interior and exterior designers in today’s architecture. Relying on the strength and durability of glass for such applications depends on the parallel development in the laminated and securit (toughened or tempered) glass. The glass retaining metal and non-metallic parts and other adjoining parts of these assemblies is as important as the quality of technical properties of the glass in achieving the overall goals in terms of the beauty and performance. In this regard, Venus Glass operates as the exclusive partner of the Q-railing (Germany) and Sadev (France) companies in Iran.

Glass railings are classified as follows:

Glass Showcases for the Business Units

One of the permanent needs of the architects and designers of commercial spaces is to have suitable systems for the maintenance of shop front windows. The tendency to use large glass and minimal lines in the visitors’ field of view makes it necessary to transform the old designs of maintenance of these glass.

Today, in most modern stores, showcase glass are placed in one of the following ways:

  • Glass retaining frame system;
  • Point-supported glass system;
  • Anti-theft glass retaining system.

Office Partitions

The organizational culture is moving towards the expansion of office spaces and open spaces in leading organizations, and in this regard, glass partition walls play an important role. Elegant aluminum profiles for keeping single-walled glass and, if necessary, double-glazed windows with a variety of apparent combinations, such as the stylized and printed glass, create an unmatched set of office spaces which positively affects the performance of personnel working in such environments. In this regard, Venus Glass uses the engineering and support services provided by its international partners including the Minusco, G-Fittings, and Vetroin.

Glass Rooms for the Public or Private Spaces

This family of products has focused on the use of a new generation of metal fittings for the glass that allows access to the non-airlock glass walls for some applications including the glass walls in the double skin façade (with the aim of reducing noise pollution, upgrading the exterior façades of old buildings, and improving the thermal insulation of the first glass façade) or in the first glass façades in cases where the airlock is not important (such as the multistorey car parks or panoramic elevator shafts). Collaboration with the Sadev and G-Fittings companies has provided our customers with some international solutions.

Special All-Glass Structures

Advances in engineering knowledge of the structural properties of glass have doubled in recent decades and this has led the architects to once again put their old demands on the table of the structural engineers to maximize transparency in the architectural elements. Since the mechanical and structural properties of multi-layered glass (securit / laminated) appear to be much more complex than imaginable, glass engineering still has a higher level of complexity than the classic metal/concrete structures, so that before the creation of modern methods of structural analysis by using the powerful computers, there was no possibility to design an all-glass bridge or all-glass stairs. This trend has been growing so fast with the entry of large companies and manufacturers to this market. In this regard, extensive and close cooperation with the international partners such as the Sadev and Vetroin has provided plenty of opportunities to Venus Glass in providing specific designs.

Spider Glass Facades

The spider facade is referred to a kind of modern self-standing glass facade (curtain wall) in which the glass is connected to the structure with point-to-point connections. The main application of the spider facade is in the commercial and office buildings, and there is no vertical and horizontal structure on the glass plate, the case that is considered as a weakness in the curtain wall facades. In general, the spider facade has a diverse structural system including the metal, cable, and glass structures which are used according to the building usage, loading, and cost. The use of any glass structure is allowed in this façade and this is determined according to the environmental and user-defined conditions.

The engineering services provided by this unit include calculations and design, presentation of the details of the project, supplying the parts and, if desired, the installation of these systems. In addition to the conventional load-bearing systems such as the columnar structures or glass panes, Venus Glass also provides very beautiful and modern structural systems with the collaboration of Sadev Company.