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Name: Charsoo Cultural Commercial Complex
Location: Jomhouri & Hafez Ave. intersection, Tehran, Iran

Type: Cultural-Commercial
Architect: Bonsar Architects

Type of Glass:

Knowing the potential opportunities in city center, design a vibrant, different and fun Bazaar a place for cultural and outgoing activities became the main design strategy for Charsou. The design process was faced with two important questions: 1.How to combine cultural spaces with a shopping mall and to bring the urbanic feel into the project with specific marketing goals. 2. How to build a relationship between Charsou and its surroundings knowing the shear size of the lot and the density of downtown area buildings.

The three different functions of the project have been translated into exterior as well. in response to the adjacent intersection The bottom block was rotated so that the inset can open up the space for pedestrians to stop and glance. Where the main entrance is located. The middle layer facing the Hafez bridge has grabbed the bridges angle to match its rotation and so in relation with the urban surroundings the top block was made transparent to display an inner view of those floors.