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Name: IKIA VIP Building
Location: Imam Khomeini International Airport,Tehran

Type: lounge
ATEC Consultants
Type of Glass:

With an inspiration from ancient Persian architecture, the Government’s pavilion has an introvert two layered mass, and clarity and illumination was always the main focus in the design in order to reach a glittering crystal like construction.
The interior design is in accordance with the shape of the construction itself and is based upon the functionality of different areas and organization in a way which is pleasant and comfortable for the guests who stay.
The architectural identity of the whole interior design is so that when passengers commute within any of the spaces they feel unity and coherence. Keeping the Persian and Islamic identity in spite of modernism, the material is instantly recognized as traditional Persian materials, and the lighting is based upon the use of indirect lights and equal in all spaces.
The walls of the entrance are clear and have a view of the Iranian gardens enclosing the area which are again in accordance to the Persian architecture and the guests passes through these areas to enter the main corridors.
The main corridors have modular flooring using silver marble floors (completely Iranian material) and the ceiling is made of Plexy tiles which is in harmony with the flooring.
The lighting is from behind plexy glass tiles and the walls are in accordance with the divisions in the glass facade have resulted in a calm and serene space.
The three main halls which are the most important parts of the structure, have glass ceilings and are located in the central section and regarding the interior design they have a Persian identity.
Carpets and copper out-linings cover the floors and walls have joineries up to 3 meters and from 3 to 9 meters they are covered with different layers of colored textiles and cloths, which make a contrast of dark and light, and they symbolize the move from dark to light which is an element of the Islamic architecture. The space lighting in the day is natural and at night from behind the window panes implemented in the ceilingsو which seeps through several layers and provide a uniform and acceptable light for the space .