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Name: Venus Glass Office
Location: Tehran, Pasdaran

Type: Office
Architect: .
ReNa. Design | Reza Najafian
Type of Glass:
V- Smart,V-Cool,V-Guard,V-Temp

Noor-e-Mobin sports hall has been designed for the educational complex of Noor-e-Mobin institute that is a NGO (non-governmental organization). This is a charity institute that has managed to provide the students with a different educational atmosphere based on the latest methods in the world at no charge. This complex has a very happy and intimate educational atmosphere and the students are very persevering, creative, and are being educated skillfully.

The client demanded a sports hall for the educational complex will be built in the future that is not only in accordance with the atmosphere of the Noor-e-Mobin Complex and different from the other ordinary ones, but also cheaper than them approximately with a budget about 400,000 dollars. The site of the project is located in the suburban areas of a town called Bastam ( one of the ancient cities of Iran), about 28 Hectares that is supposed to be turned into the Noor-e- Mobin educational complex. The continuous movement of clouds from the “CLOUD MOUNTAIN” into plain is one of the most beautiful phenomenon of the site could be seen most of times.

The size of this sports hall has been designed based on the size of the basketball court and the possibility of playing other games has been taken into consideration, as well. The area of the project that consists of a field, its equipment and a semi-level floor for playing table tennis, is about 1400 square meters. In this site, there is a panoramic view of the clouds, mountains and plains. The idea was to create a building that would be like a part of a natural thing not only as a building construction and it will become to a landscape (like a cloud) itself. The matter of great importance was that how a natural form can be inspired from the nature, the program be added, drawn and be called “The nature” again.

The sports halls are usually designed in a way that do not have the view of the nature and the connection of inside and outside is based on getting daylight orders, but we wanted the in-out connection incessantly. Therefore, this sports hall is a “panoramic view” itself, that the entire natural scenes can be observed from its inside. In this regard, double-glazed safe glasses with the thickness of 18 mm are used around the saloon. The children are interested in this kind of glass structure and enjoy kicking and shooting the ball to the glassed-in-walls.

The project structure designed as a typical tapered member frame which are usually considered low cost constructions in Iran, but by only implementing slight changes, it has turned in to an attractive construction. the exterior wall covering was made from AL sandwich panels made project construction faster and cheaper and provides good insulation.