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Name: Venus Glass Office
Location: Pasdaran st,Tehran 

Type: Office
Architect: .
ReNa. Design | Reza Najafian
Type of Glass:
V- Smart,V-Cool,V-Guard,V-Temp

Glass possesses a significant place in design, not only as a transparent material, but also as an element which can play a major role in the design stage. It would be a great neglect to only realize glass as an interface between inside space and out, eye and object, etc. Glass should be presented in a meritorious way, just as it deserves. Central office of Venus Glass Company is a project with the total floor area of around 490m², designed in four separated units connected with each other, situated in the 9th floor of a commercial-office building. The main concept of this project is the usage of glass as the key element in each part of the project.

Glass has been used in conventional method besides creative and unconventional way in every space to convey a strong expression as well as coherent design. Due to the variety of glass samples, even diversity in ordinary transparent glass, all glass types were used creatively in order to present specific characteristics of each kind. It’s been tried to work with glass with a novel vision by utilizing creative details both in design process and execution such as using various stable and mobile glasses in different parts of the project as walls, ceiling, floor, partition, furniture and even as an structural element.

Therefore, the project turned into a showroom itself, which displays different potentials and functions of glass. Moreover, different processes on glass were implied to achieve novel results in working with glass as an interior design element, such as printing and laminating. Furthermore, materials which feels warm such as wood, has been used in juxtaposition of glass in order to regulate the cold sense of glass and its reflections; as a result, both employees and customers would experience environment better.