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V-LAM at a Glance

Annealed glass breaks easily. Although tempered glass is more strengthened than annealed glass, it breaks also under high stress or impact. Nevertheless laminated glass (V-Lam), which is composed of two glass layers and a PVB (Poly-Vynil Butyral) interlayer, benefits higher levels of impact resistance. A wide range of V-Lam glass can be produced by changing number of glass layers and interlayer thickness to meet different operational requirements.

laminatenologo 1 2 - V-LAM


  •  If broken, glass pieces will not spread out due to strong adhesion with the interlayer, eliminating probable risks.
  • V-Lam glass is an ideal choice for controlling noises in places with high noise pollution such as near airports, industrial sites, highways and places with heavy traffic.
  •  V-Lam glass has capability of blocking up to 95% of harmful UV radiation resulting in significant decrease in T Damage Weight (Tdw) value, a measurement for the amount of light that gets transmitted throught a window that can fade the color of any furniture and instrument.

Doors and windows
• Airports
• Glass elevators
• Bank counters
• Shop vitrines
• Glass toproofs
• Automotive glasses
• Glass façades
• Glass partitionings
• Bullet proof glasses
• Burglary proof glasses